CSMA (NW) Autosolo, Autotest & PCA – 17 May 2015 – Lymm Services J20 M6

Supplementary Regulations are now available for the CSMA (NW) Nat B & Clubmans Autosolo and Autotest and Production Car Autotest to take place at Lymm Services, J20 M6 on Sunday 17 May 2015.

The regs and entry forms can be downloaded at www.sd34msg.org.uk (event regs section) and will soon be available at www.anwcc.org

The Nat B Autosolo and Autotest are rounds of the ANWCC and SD34 championships.

The PCA is a round of the ANWCC Junior PCA Championship and SD34 Under 18 Non-Race/Rally Championship.

Please note that there is a slight change to the AUTOTEST format in that it is NOT ALL FORWARDS will contain a number of stop-astride and reversing manoeuvres. The Autosolo and PCA remain all forwards as usual.



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