Accrington Club Member Receives Top Motor Sport Award

Dave BDave Barratt – 2015 winner of the Brian Molyneux Award for outstanding contribution to Motor Sport. Pictured receiving his award from Ian Grindrod, local rally star.  Photograph courtesy of Brian Taylor at White Dog Photography.

Since first getting involved in motorsport in the early 80s his contribution has continued, unabated, as a marshal, timekeeper, organiser, active club member over all those years right up to the present day .

He’s not just been marshalling and organising, he’s also had a go at competing – navigating on a few road rallies, stage driving and co-driving and Autotesting.

However, it’s his prolific work on the organisational and club side that makes him stand out – or not, as the case may be. He’s the sort of chap that you don’t really notice, doesn’t make a big fuss going about his business, just gets on with it, you would hardly know he’s there – but we’d definitely miss him if he wasn’t! The words that spring to mind are words like “dependable” and “reliable”. You know, without fail, the job will be done right.

So, let’s list a few credentials. What’s he been up to lately:-
– Ever present on the autosolos and autotests run by AMSC and CSMA NW
– Radio operator on various events, stage rallies and bike rides as Hodder 2
– a valued member of the organising team for the Clitheronian Rally for the last 9 years and before that the CSMA rally, assisting with PR work and in various other roles, more recently as chief timekeeper and 50% of the set up crew – both vitally important jobs carried out faultlessly.
– Founder member of the CSMA NW WMG and Founder member and secretary of AMSC and
– And, a stalwart of the SD34 motorsport group, having attended virtually every monthly and bi-monthly meeting as for as long as anyone can remember and has just completed 20 years as compiler for the off the road championship.

Paying tribute to Dave Barratt, colleagues said, ‘In short, quite simply the sort of person that Motorsport can’t exist without.’  Congratulations Dave.

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